Software development is an exact discipline which can be described accurately. Despite this ICT security has been for months if not years going round in circles. There are new security programs that react to things which have happened in the past. The situation has worsened and has spread to equipment which could be the target of attacks. These attacks are no longer focused on Pcs but further targets are smart phones, SCADA/PLC systems, IoT.

  Software development is an exact science.  In the area of development and testing of software, it is necessary to describe the procedures and functions clearly. It is necessary to describe the output of SW modules or the whole application. By using clear descriptions it is possible to test in an easy manner.


In an environment based on a clear description of the tasks can be implemented a clear control



  In all technical areas we need to be sure of the  with physical or chemical properties of substances we are dealing with. We have to know or examine specific materials that the designer wants to use for the upcoming product. People in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or for example in the food business can work with and respect the laws of nature and properties of materials.

 Design and programing of computer programs is the first discipline where it is not necessary to respect the laws of nature. Design and creation of programs are the first works / discipline, which is based purely on thought and work. Movies, pictures, composing songs are in similar positions, but it is especially art. Programming is business.