The basic contradiction

The designers of planes, trains or automobiles must respect the laws of nature, such as expansion or friction materials, chemical reaction of various materials, the quality and intensity of burning.

In contrast, production of computer programs is only human work, which does not respect the laws of nature. Bug in the operating system and other programs is not caused by our ignorance of the laws of nature, but it is a consequence of the bad work of analysts, programmers and testers.


Are you troubled Cyber security?
You cannot understand why these problems have not been solved a long time ago? You are looking for answers ??  You are in the right place.

The Three Laws of Cyber Security that solve the problem of computer viruses.
It's a real chance to eliminate viruses, DDoS or hacking attacks

The Three Laws of  Cyber Security is a workable solution


The Three Laws of Cyber Security -  The shift from the search for already known viruses to the solution which verifies the originality of origin (integrity).

The approach is very similar to the verification of original spare parts for aircraft.

Operating systems were originally developed as a basis for running simple office applications such as "smart typewriter" - text editor Word, AmiPro, etc. This view is the basis of today's problems with Cyber security. In about 2000, the situation began to change dramatically. Computers, computer networks and the Internet spread rapidly, but did not change the basics of Cyber security.
Today are many business sectors vitally dependent on computers. For example, banks, malls and wholesalers today could hardly offer their services without computers and computer networks.
Without computers and the Internet e-shops would not exist or for example the design of new products and the subsequent preparation for production of these products (CAD / CAM) would take far longer.

  Operating systems and other applications were created and developed without control rules and obligations. Although there have been many standards (eg. ISO 2700x) or even laws, but even these laws do not address the basics of problems in ICT.
Huge shortage of these standards and laws is that it looks at the computer program as a thing that can not be changed or somehow controlled. Authors says a better solution not exists.

  Another pitfall is that around the entire field of ICT was the creation of an extraordinary atmosphere where logical rules from other fields are ignored.

Infact, the deveopment of computer programs is a  normal human activity. Certainly the need for knowledge of programming languages, but it is nothing extraordinary. Designing a building or a gearbox are also require special knowledge.